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Beautiful Sardinia - Capo Falcone

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Ever since I visited Sardinia for the first time in 2017, I was literally astonished by the beauty of its landscape. From east to west, and north to south, from the beautiful beaches to the wonderful mountains, this is a god blessed island like no other one I have ever seen.

The beauty of it should not be just a memory for myself, I thought, so today I'm starting to share the memories and pictures of beautiful places on the island. First stop, Capo Falcone in the north

Capo Falcone

Capo Falcone is the most northern point of the island, and we found it totally by chance. We had just visited the beautiful (yet very stormy on that day) Spiaggia Pelosa , and were looking for a spot to watch the sunset. Since Pelosa is on the eastern side, also called "Mare di dentro" ( the sea from the inside), we just followed the street that was climbing high up the hill to the west.

At 200 m above sea level, Capo Falcone offers an AMAZING view over the western sea, the island of Asinara and the island of Piana, in its very near vicinity.

It was a very stormy day, and we did not hope to get much of a sunset, nevertheless we were there after a two hours car ride, so we gave it a shot. And it was just so great to just keep climbing by car, up to the point where the street ended, and the sea opened between the dramatic cliffs.

It was probably the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. I could have never imagined to witness such an extraordinary spectrum of colors, and such a dramatic sky. It was just beautiful sitting there, facing the growing wind, and watching this endless blend of sky and sea, not being able to decide what I loved more: the land, the sea, the sky...I guess I fell in love with all of them at once, and forever.

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