Eucalipto - Eucalyptus honey

Eucalyptus honey is a single-flowered type of honey produced by honey bees that pollinate the flowers of the eucalyptus tree. Single-flowered means that the nectar collected by the honeybees comes exclusively from one plant species.


It is characterised by a darker colour and an intense flavour and fragrance and is particularly recommended for viral respiratory infections as it has high antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. It is an excellent remedy for the relief of respiratory diseases such as bronchitis or asthma.


"The eucalyptol compound that gives eucalyptus honey (and other products derived from the eucalyptus plant such as essential oil and royal jelly) its characteristic aroma and flavour is itself a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, which adds to the healing power of this honey.


Eucalyptus honey is often used with great efficacy to treat coughs and colds as well as upper respiratory infections; some studies have shown it to be more effective than cough syrups for sore throats, the menthol-like properties of eucalyptus make it an excellent decongestant, and it has a strong expectorant effect. Some believe that eucalyptus honey may eventually prove useful as a first-line treatment for more severe respiratory conditions." (


In terms of taste, it is a honey that might be perceived as "too strong" for its flavour, especially in Northern Europe where we are used to lighter and sweeter flavours and varieties such as acacia honey. Eucalyptus honey is semi-sweet, with a hint of menthol and an earthy flavour. It has a high fructose content, which makes it crystallise quickly.



Eucalipto - Eucalyptus honey

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  • Azienda apistica Reina is a small family business in the municipality of Oliena in the Barbagia region of Sardinia, considered one of the five blue zones in the world.

    Tiziana divides her time between her regular work, family and her passion - to produce the best honey in Sardinia! At least that's what I thought when I first tasted her honey.

    "Our product is completely organic, we focus on quality." - she said to me - "il nostro prodotto e completamente biologico, noi puntiamo sopratutto sulla qualita."


    I was immediately aware that this was another exceptional product from Sardinia. When my children were given the Millefiori di Gennargentu and the bitter Millefiori Amaro for the first time, they said to me, "Dad, this is the most delicious honey we've ever tasted" They've already eaten and tasted a lot of honey, so I knew at that moment, "This is the perfect honey for me!"



    Depending on the weather, Reina produces not only the Millefiori and the Abbamelo, but also eucalyptus honey and the much appreciated and almost unique Corbezzollo and Asfodelo honey.


    The small family business pays a lot of attention to nature and produces in harmony with it. So it happens that there are also years when Corbezzollo and Asfodelo are not produced. I appreciate this very much, as it is a clear sign of quality rather than quantity.

    And that is exactly what distinguishes Reina and Tresmundi: Unique quality products from unique and special people.