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Rice flour Giano

Rice flour Giano

1 Kilogram

The aromatic Sardinian rice flour Giano is produced by the millstones of the mill Su Mori, after harvesting the grain in the rice fields of Campidano. During the milling process, the Giano rice spreads its unique aroma in the mill. For this reason, the processing of this grain into flour is not only a beautiful work habit, but also "olfactory" unique!


This fine, aromatic flour with its crystal white color naturally exudes a floral and sweet aroma that makes the dishes for which it is used unique. It is particularly suitable for preparing cakes, in mixtures with other flours for kneading bread, pizza and focaccia, and for frying fish, meat and vegetables.


The Sardinian aromatic rice flour preserves the nutritional properties of this variety: it is rich in fiber and mineral salts and has a low amylose content.