Whole grain semola

Whole grain semola

This durum wheat flour, like all the other flours from "Su Ghimisone", is unique!


Its aroma of freshly ground wheat is reminiscent of a hot autumn evening in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by endless fields where the wheat shimmers golden yellow in the evening sun.


This durum wheat flour is made exclusively from wheat grown in Barbagia. Passion and traditional production guarantee an incomparable taste. Thus, the healthiest flour is produced from the wheat fields of Barbagia, with a unique fragrance.


During production, the grain is ground together with the wheat germs. These contain a multitude of valuable nutrients. Besides minerals, vitamins and tocopherols, proteins and amino acids also benefit your health.


When I first spoke to Federico, the producer of Semola, I was deeply impressed by his genuine passion for a product that was then still in the process of being created. He said to me, "Alex, devi sentire il profumo" which means "You must smell this flour!"


When I opened the first bag of Federico's flour and took a deep breath, it felt like I was in my grandmother's barn. Federico was absolutely right, the smell of semola is fantastic and cannot be compared to the conventional flours in the supermarket.


I enjoyed all further conversations with Federico very much. He lives for "his product, for his flour". At Tresmundi we believe that only people who work with dedication on a product can create a special product.


Semola integrale di grano duro di "Molino Su Ghimisone" is a great product. We even go one step further and say: it is perfect!

  • Meet the producer

    "Molino su Ghimisone" specialises in the production of flour and semolina exclusively "Made in Sardinia". The flours and semolina of "Su Ghimisone" are of high quality and stone-ground with the wheat germs.

    Only carefully selected durum wheat grown in Sardinia is used.

    Stone-grinding guarantees a handmade product with a high nutritional value. Because the whole grain is stone-ground, the most important components are preserved, including the aleurone layer and the wheat germ.

    The amber colour of the flour is due to its nutritional components. Good fats, minerals, group B vitamins, tocopherols (vitamin E), proteins and amino acids provide the special colour.

    "Molino su Ghimisone" stands for tradition, craftsmanship and quality. There is a lot of knowledge in the grain of "Molino su Ghimisone", which gives it a unique identity.

    An 100% Sardinian product with a high nutritional value that pampers not only the sense of taste but also the sense of smell.

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