Our story

Getting you the best olive oil on the island

Everything begins with a story. And stories we have many, but this one takes us back to Oliena, in the heart of Barbagia, the most beautiful part of all Sardinia has to a. 

We met the people from Olioliena at the city festival, while trying not to get lost of each other having two small kids among a lot of cheerful people. 

We instantly fell in love with their oil: fresh, genuine, beautifully colored, smelling of freshly cut grass and half-blossomed artichokes. We promised ourselves to bring it home, and to our friends as well. 

We wanted to change the way people think of olive oil, and give them the feeling of direct contact with the "italian producer"

We all know the quality of shelved olive oils throughout german supermarkets. We wanted to set a mark: you can still get the real Italian oil, full of nutrients and polyphenols, from maybe the best olives in the mediterranean.