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"Grande Olio" award for Iliò from Slow Food Italy

We are delighted to let you know that Iliò , the flagship extra virgin olive oil made of Nera di Oliena , has just been awarded the title of "Grande Olio" by Slow Food Italy.

Grande Olio is a recognition attributed to the excellent extra virgin in their category for organoleptic value, adherence to the territory and its cultivars.

For those of you who don't know what Slowfood is: Slowfood was a movement created in Italy in the 80's, as a response to the ever growing ideology of "fast food and faster life". It was started by Carlo Petrini and a group of activists in the 1980s with the initial aim to defend regional traditions, good food, gastronomic pleasure and a slow pace of life. In over two decades of history, the movement has evolved to embrace a comprehensive approach to food that recognizes the strong connections between plate, planet, people, politics and culture. Today Slow Food represents a global movement involving thousands of projects and millions of people in over 160 countries.

As explained by Francesca Bezzone in her post "The Slow Food Movement" :

"According to its manifesto, the Slow Food Movement stands for three, essential concepts, the good, the wholesome and the right, adjectives that manage to define simply, yet strongly the characteristics good food must possess: “good” relates to the pleasure brought by it, but also to the complex series of memories and implications derived by the emotional and sentimental value food can have for each one of us. “Wholesome”, is associated to the fact food must ultimately be produced respecting the environment and its ecosystems; “right”, stands for its conformity to concepts of social justice, when it comes to its production and commercialization. Clearly, the Slow Food Movement’s creed invests more than culinary expertise and tradition: it truly embraces a new way of thinking about eating and living."

This is amazing news! Among other 7 olive oil producers on the island, Cooperativa Olivicoltori Oliena and its members have now been officially crowned for their restless efforts of creating this magnificent extra virgin olive oil.

We see this award as a recognition of efforts of making products for the people, the healthy, traditional way, as opposed to the industrial, multinational one. It is a recognition for the efforts of sticking to the territory, to the old cultivars, methods, people, values!

It is a recognition for true passion.

We got to know the people from "Il Coop" (that's how they call the Cooperativa) last year in autumn. We knew Iliò and Lanaitho for a couple of years now. But last year we had the chance to see the mill, the people, the places where all originates.

Besides their warmth and friendliness in showing us everything involved in the process, i will always remember one thing: the pride and passion in their eyes for creating such a divine oil as Iliò

Congratulations !

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