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Ilio - winner of the award for the best olive oil in Italy 2022 in the medium-fruity category

Yesterday was a day of joy, happiness and fulfilment. Everlasting goosebumps when Giovanna wrote to me - just two days after informing me that Ilio had made it to the final of the 100 best olive oils in Italy:

Alex, we won! Ilio is the best in all of Italy!

Indeed dear friends: Ilio was awarded "best Italian olive oil in the medium-fruity category". And we bring it to you in Hamburg, in Germany, and through you to the whole world!

Ercole Olivario - The benchmark for olive oils in Italy

Ercole Olivario - which celebrated its 30th anniversary last weekend - is the prestigious national competition reserved for producers of high quality Italian extra virgin olive oil, who are often small producers, and which strongly promotes their image both nationally and internationally. It was created in 1993 to promote the best Italian extra virgin olive oils and make them known throughout the world.

The national jury is appointed by the Award Coordination Committee and consists of 16 tasters representing each of the 16 olive-growing regions. The jury members are selected from among those registered in the Register of Experts and Technicians in the Field of Virgin and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. There are set protocols within the jury to ensure the rotation of tasters from each olive-growing region from year to year (

Award and tasting notes of the jury

Without saying too many words, I will simply quote the jury's decision for you.

"Green fruitiness of medium intensity with fresh herbaceous, floral and green apple notes. On the palate, notes of leaves, artichokes and green almonds complete the aromatic profile. Medium intensity bitterness and spiciness in balance. Great complexity, excellent harmony and persistence"

Ahhh...Doesn't it feel like an Italian romance?

Love and passion - The spring of an exceptional olive oil

As I write this, I still get goose bumps. Because this award is the recognition and crowning achievement of a group of people who started this project not so many years ago and who have made it their mission not only to produce olive oil, but to produce exceptional olive oil.

After visiting the olive oil mill two years ago and spending time with Graziano and Giovanna, the masterminds behind COOP in Oliena, I look at their success with a full heart and with great satisfaction. It feels like a success to me too. A huge success.

It was 2017 when I first tasted Ilio and fell in love with its beautiful bouquet, its fresh, vibrant colour and its elegant pungency. And years later, as the proud owner of tresmundi, I am overjoyed to be able to offer it to a select group of people who believed in our mission and our products and were convinced that with hard work, passion and love, you can achieve extraordinary things.

From hundreds of enrolled olive oils springs Ilio

To understand the significance of this award, one must first understand the diversity and importance of olive oil to Italians. "The Italian supply chain for olive oil includes more than 400 thousand specialised farms, but also the largest number of extra virgin olive oils in Europe, with a stock of 250 million trees and 533 olive varieties."

Andrea Prete, Chairman of the Competition Coordination Committee and President of the Umbria Chamber of Commerce. (

What a proud feeling it is to hold a bottle of Ilio in your hands. Haven't you tried it yet? Click here to go directly to the link in our webshop!

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