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1 Liter

The favorite among friends and family, Lanaitho is a blend of the two cultivar varieties, Nera di Oliena and Bosana.


Nera di Oliena is a cultivar specific to Sardinia only, characterized by a very high content of polyphenols, providing a bitter. and spicy discrete biterness and spiciness in the aftertastem, due to a high content of oleuropein, the main polyphenol of this olive variety.


Bosana is the most common cultivar on the island of Sardinia, with more than 50 % of the olive oil production being made out of it. Bosana is a variety very well adapted too less hospitable environments. Altough it can be found in the southern part, it is rather more present in the central and northern part of the island.

It is a superior category extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), obtained directly from olives, and solely by mechanical means, processed in less than 12 hours after being harvested in order to provide the highest levels of polyphenols and nutrients.



Very thick and veiled. Green to yellow colour.



Medium fruity with notes of artichokes and fress grass



Spicy and bitter notes with an artichoke and fresh grass aftertaste. Overall, harmonious and pleasent, with a clean finish


  • Thanks to its spicy and bitter notes, this olive oil is particulary recommended to finish rich and intensely flavored dishes, such as first courses topped with tomato sauce or with delicious tomato sauces with meat, especially lamb.


    It can also be paired with intense wild herb soups. Thanks to its vegetable notes, it goes particularly well with roasted fish.


    We love it with pretty much everything: fresh home-made ciabatta, pesto, pasta or a beautiful grilled "bistecca"

    • Calories: 837 kcal
    • Fat: 97 g, of which:
      • saturated fats: 14 g
      • monounsaturated fats: 75 g
      • polyunsaturated fats: 8 g
    • Carbohydrates: 0 g
      • Sugar: 0 g
    • Protein: 0 g