Olives in brane - Nera di Oliena

Olives in brane - Nera di Oliena

Sardinian Olives in brine, the best table olives of the "Nera di Oliena" variety, hand-picked in the Oliena area, selected and processed according to tradition, following the indications of the ancient recipe, thus becoming an excellent hors d'oeuvre or accompaniment to main courses, but also an ideal complement in the preparation of tasty dishes.


They were picked early, therefore still green, to keep their organoleptic characteristics intact and their flesh lively and consistent. Our olives are processed only with water and salt to keep the taste intact, they are not sweetened with the use of additives. We have also chosen to keep them with the stone so as not to damage the flesh and to keep the fruit firm and crunchy.


The 'Nera di Oliena' plants were imported by the Jesuits around 1600 and then spread throughout Sardinia. They are grafted onto centuries-old olive trees and have alternating production.


220 g bag (drained) - net weight 450 gr.

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