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Fior di farina grano Cappelli Tüte 1 kilo Su Mori

Whole grain flour Cappelli - Very fine grinding

1 Kilogram

Called "Sardinian flower flour" , this whole wheat durum flour is produced in the Su Mori mill by the slowly milling stone and the finer sieves of the milling barrel. Like silk to the touch, fluffy and opaque white in colour, this whole wheat Cappelli flour contains high levels of protein, vitamins and fibre. Thanks to its unique properties of taste and smell, it enhances the dough of bread, fresh pasta, focaccia and some traditional desserts. 

Also known as "fiore di farina", it is a finer-grained flour obtained from the stone milling of durum wheat, not to be confused with remilled durum wheat semolina, which is obtained from a second milling of the semolina to obtain a finer-grained product.

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