Fregula Sarda Su Mori

Fregula Sarda Su Mori

Originally from Sardinia, Fregula is becoming increasingly popular in the international cuisine world. This very unusual, crumbly pasta, created exclusively from durum wheat and water, has an uneven texture, more reminiscent of coarse bulgur and couscous than pasta, but differs in production as Fregula is made exclusively by hand.

The variability and irregularity of the size and shape of the "little balls" means that the different shapes can be small, medium or large and their use can therefore vary according to size.

  • How is it made

    With the fingertips of one hand, small amounts of water and durum wheat semolina are gradually rubbed into the bottom of the xivedda. The xivedda or scivedda is an earthenware vessel with a wide, flat bottom. According to Campidan tradition, the saffron stigmas are dissolved in water to enrich the already unique taste.

  • History and tradition

    The name "fregula" is said to derive from the Latin word "ferculum", which could mean crumb in connection with verbs like rub ("sfregare") or frise ("frisare)". On the other hand, "ferculum" also means "food", "dish" in general. The real curiosity, however, is that the "ferculum" is also a wide and flat serving tray: in practice, the indispensable tool for preparing Sardinian fregula.

  • Meet the producer - Su Mori

    Sometimes things are born even before they take shape.

    This is what happened with the Su Mori project, an agricultural and processing project founded in San Gavino Monreale, in the fertile plain of Medio Campidano in Sardinia.

    Su Mori was officially born in 2018, but took shape some time before, when the three of partners, then still children, played in the wheat fields and rice paddies of the family farm, surrounded by nature, the colours and scents of our beautiful island. Of course, they could not yet have guessed that this bond, this carefree time together, would lead to them joining forces to bring a dream into being: the Su Mori artisanal mill.

    Each of them initially took a different path: Francesco, after studying architecture, dedicated himself to the family farm; Marco took the path of business management in the world of tourism; Samuele used his knowledge of computer programming. They were joined by Georgia, a communications expert with a great passion for the products and traditions of the region. Together they returned to these fields determined to create a venture for processing wheat, rice and barley, the very same crops that are grown on their farm and for which the territory has always been suited.

    Thus, the cereals they produce are grown with respect for the best agricultural practices, tradition and with the right amount of innovation. In an handcraft process, the grains are hulled and ground into flours and semolina in the mill.

    These products are the soul of our Sardinian and Italian recipes, the substance of the country's great culinary tradition.

    "Su Mori" means just that in Sardinian Campidanese: the path, usually a country lane; for the people at Su Mori, it is the path that has led them here and that they have followed with their mill.

  • Cooking instructions

    Traditionally, fregola is prepared with fish or shellfish, but it is great with tomato sauces in a vegan or vegetarian way.

    Famous is the "Fregula con arselle", the fregula with vongole mussels.

    You can also use the fregula as a couscous substitute, or as a risotto recipe.

  • Durchschnittliche Nährwerte

    Nährwerte pro 100 g



    1509 kJ / 356 kcal


    1,6 g

    davon gesättigte Fettsäuren

    0,4 g


    72 g

    davon Zucker

    3 g


    2 g


    12,5 g


    0,02 g


    Zutaten und Inhaltsstoffe: Hartweizen, Wasser, Salz


    Allergenhinweise: Enthält Gluten


    Hersteller: Su Mori s.n.c. Sede legale: Via Santa Chiara 11 09037 San Gavino Monreale, Sardinien, Italien

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